Wine appreciation

What we do

We find out about the art and science of wine tasting and visit local vineyards, meeting the proprietors and learning about viticulture.

Come along to one of our large-scale tasting sessions, showcasing up to 20 or 30 wines; explore the medal winners; find a favourite rosé or a best budget or even taste foreign wines. We meet local artisans who share their passion for wine making and we also learn about naturally-made wines and sparkling wines.

Who can get involved

If you like wine and want to understand more about oenology, where else to start but in the heart of the largest vineyard in the world?


Where & when

We organise monthly “field trips” to vineyards throughout the year with a break from December to February and “lab work” sessions for tastings and presentations around the area during the winter months.

Some recent events:

2018 medal winners, tasting of local wines of distinction, Oupia
Pruning in the vineyard at Domaine de la Senche, La Liviniere
Wine and food pairing workshop, Azillanet


Visit our activities calendar for details of future events

Oenology coordinator Jock Shearer

Jock Shearer