Language classes

What we do

For an association whose main purpose is to foster links between different nationalities, the language workshops have always been one of our core activities.

We offer regular weekly workshops in French, English and Spanish.

Who can attend

The workshops are fun, for any age and for a range of different ability levels.

Our workshops in French and English are from beginner through intermediate to advanced, with conversation workshops for those who have a good level of ability in the language.


If you want to attend a language workshop, we recommend you call in at the VEEM office or contact our languages coordinator Sally Dixon

email Sally Dixon

How to sign up

If you’d like to join one of our workshop groups, please drop in to the office on a Tuesday morning.

There you will be able to take a separate short test to assist in deciding together the best level of workshop for you to join.

There is a participation fee of €20 per person per term for each strand of language workshop. 
These fees contribute to the cost of equipment, materials and travel costs of the teachers.

When and where are they held

You will find the schedule for the language workshops in the class schedules list.

We organise weekly language workshops every day, Monday to Friday, over three terms each year.

Most of the sessions take place in our teaching room at the VEEM premises in Olonzac.