Brexit and
Carte de Sejour

Brexit information and
Carte de Sejour application guides

We have provided 3 PDF files to provide up to date information about the Brexit Withdrawal Agreement.

1 PDF has guides showing how to apply for your Carte de Sejour if you have been resident UNDER 5 years.

1 PDF has guides showing how to apply for your Carte de Sejour if you have been resident OVER 5 years.


Binding legal agreement between UK, EU and Euratom
Transition Period
Residence rights
Length of residence at 31/12/20
Granting residence rights
Visas, Titres, Cartes
Categories of resident
Movement rights
Health care
Pensions & other benefits
Workers’ rights & qualifications
What’s not protected by the WA?
Applying for a Withdrawal Agreement Carte de Séjour


To protect your Rights under the Withdrawal Agreement, all British adults resident in France before 31.12.2020, must (unless you have obtained French nationality) obtain/apply for a SpecialBREXIT Withdrawal Agreement Residency Permit (WARP) before 30.06.2021

If you want to have a legal right to live permanently in France after 30/06/21, this is an obligation

– it’s not optional


You can apply for a Temporary Residence Card
Valid for 5 years

You will need to show you fit into one of the following categories

Employed/Self Employed
Economically inactive/Retired


Visting France (and the EU) after 31/12/20 (British with no CdS)
Schengen Visa
ETIAS (European Travel Information & Authorisation System)
Longer-term Visas
New Passport Rules
Driving in France
Travelling with Pets


Naturalisation process
Forms and certificates
Help from Mairie
Timbres Fiscal
Situation fiscale
Language Diploma & Interview